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Roll With the (Format) Changes

Microsoft Word has come a long way since that talking paper clip interrupted you regularly as you tried to put the finishing touches on an important document. Introducing ‘Styles,’ an essential tool for gaining additional speed and consistency with Word. Many people know that Styles exist but haven’t taken the time to learn how powerful they can actually be. Styles will help you ensure that your client-facing documents are professional and polished (as they always should be)!

The Scenario

We’ve all been there. Imagine working on a large document with several different headings, titles, subtitles, and paragraph types to keep track of. Now, recall the headache that comes along with the need to manually change the font, size, or line type across the entire document when updates are required.

There's a Better Way

Word makes it easy on you by starting a blank document with a few pre-set styles to get your creative juices flowing. Simply select the text you’d like to use Styles with, click the Style you’d like...and you’re off and running! You can either establish your styles before you start your document, or edit them as you go in order to best suit your needs and workflow. Name your styles appropriately, and watch your free time pile up as you start to work faster, smarter, and more accurately.

If only that talking paper clip had the ability to change the formatting of your entire Word document!


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